Thursday, 30 June 2016

Be careful what you wish for.

Today was an early start - two full charity bags to be put out before 8am.  I am waiting for the moment when there really is nothing to put into a charity bag / declutter but not sure when (or if) that will come!

It was a lovely sunny morning so, after a quick clean and tidy up of the kitchen, I sat in the conservatory and started to quilt the rest of the Tuesday night blocks - although I did others during the day - I have now finished!!!!  I have laid the cut blocks out on the bed to give you an idea.  The gaps are because those blocks have not been trimmed to size yet.  When finished there will be 7 rows of 7 with black sashing and black binding.  I have laid them out in the order we were told to - but will admit to thinking there needs to be some switching around to get a balance of colour whilst keeping with the "rainbow" theme.

Next on the agenda was a very enjoyable WI committee meeting.  It was held at the secretary's house and so nice that we could sit outside and enjoy the weather.

After some more sewing and some light lunch, I then set to in the bathroom.  Now, of course, I didn't store anything from the craft room in there but the other rooms are getting a good clean so why not the bathroom.  There I was with trousers rolled up and bare feet standing in the bath washing down the tiles.  And the plug hole - yuk!!  As for the shower door - well, let's just say that it looks a lot better now!  So a quick hoover around, wiping down sides and some bleach later that's the bathroom finished.  The mats are in the wash (after I rescued one of them from Daisy) and the floor will be mopped tomorrow when I do the kitchen - it's the high life here you know!

After walking the dogs I REALLY wanted a sit down - but the weather forecast is variable and, quite frankly, I would never find Daisy again in the grass outside my front fence - so I set to and mowed the lawn.  Its a job that I am always pleased when its completed but ......

Tonight calls for more decluttering upstairs,  tidying in the craft room and hand sewing - if Daisy lets me.  She has a knack of knowing when I pick the sewing up in one hand and a needle in the other - and then jumps straight on me leaving me defenceless!

And the title of the blog?  Well - let's just say that, as a retired teacher, I am horrified about one of the candidates for our future Prime Minister and want to wish Teresa May all the best.  I will say no more!


  1. Wow what a busy day! Your house will be sparkling by the time you have finished!
    As for the new candidate for PM....not being politically minded at all even I am horrified at the possible outcome....definitely time for some girl power me thinks!

    1. It would be sparkling -if only there was no Daisy to leave her debris all over the place!!

  2. Busy, busy!!!!! Well done. You wouldn't be without Daisy really!! Thanks for offering to make the runner for me, it will certainly be better than me doing if!! Xxxxxx