Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Teacher's pet!

As if winning the cinema raffle yesterday wasn't enough - last night I went to my sewing class - only to be given a gold star for my work.  We were having a silly moment, clearly, but it made me feel good!

Today started early - very early - I blame the heat myself!  So I got up and did what every self respecting person does in this situation - got washed, dressed and made the second WI bag!  I used one of the embroidered Splendid Sampler blocks but it turned out quite well.

Mind you - I wasn't getting any sympathy from the pooches - they just went back to sleep in the early morning sun!

Next up was a visit from the carpet man to measure the floor of the craft room and another gentleman who was taking away some old plastic plant pots and tarpaulins from an old shed - I'm still decluttering!  That meant that, by 10:30, the housework was done and my visitors gone - so I picked Jean up and we headed into Louth for some retail therapy.  In particular we wanted to try a (new to us) clothing shop where a new friend works - she has an uncanny knack of looking at you and knowing what will look good!

I'd like to say that I enjoyed an afternoon nap but Daisy wasn't having any of that.  Consequently I spent some time finishing cutting out my Tuesday night blocks.  I have scheduled tomorrow to take my cutting table apart and move it out of the craft room so wanted to cut all of the blocks out first.  By the time I manage to get to another class the floor should be laid but I wont have time to get the table back out.

I also received my first "bonus" block pattern from a good friend, Christine Barnsley.  You may recall that, next year, some friends and I are attempting to design our own quilt blocks.  Some of them wanted it to be larger than a hanging so that they could use it as a quilt so I have asked some friends to create some bonus blocks which people could use to extend the quilt.  I won't show you the block here yet - at least until the new year when it is given out - but it is a cutie.  It even has a very apt name!

Tonight is the next RSC live showing at the cinema - Hamlet.  Having seen Benedict Cumberbatch's version recently it will be interesting to see how they compare.  Mind you, given that I have been awake since 3am, I might just need a few digs in the ribs from Wendy to keep me awake!


  1. Its the sort of weather for short nights isn't it! Well done on being teachers pet!!

  2. That bags lovely, hope this ones o.k and fits the bill.
    Can't wait to see Christine's block?
    Enjoy tonight.

  3. Glad you liked the block Lynda! I hope your friends will like it too! Enjoy Hamlet and have a lovely weekend! Christine x