Thursday, 23 June 2016

EU referendum day

Let's start with last night and "lawnmowergate".  As it turned out my job was made easier with £600 of unexpected donations - the secretary has gone off to negotiate a good price on a sturdy mower capable of cutting over rough ground and between graves!

Today, as the title suggests, is the UK EU referendum day.  After what seems like years, if not decades, of talk - remain / leave - today we all get to vote and have our say.  As a woman I feel passionately that it is my duty to use the vote that so many died to give us so I went out this morning and voted.  Whether you decide to remain or leave I believe that it's important to hear everyone's views.  Mind you, as I drove up there were so many cars parked outside - I was impressed at the turn out - normally you walk in and you are the only one inside the hall.  Clearly everyone else felt that this was an important vote.  When I walked in - guess what - I was the only one.  The cars were for the emails on wheels next door!

My aim for today was to claim back the hallway.  Not the biggest of tasks - I mean, I live in a small bungalow so how big can the hall be?  Well the answer is - tiny - its not much more than a corridor - that houses all of my junk / overspill from the craft room.  In fact I started by moving this sewing trolley into  the craft room, then a delivery came from amazon which, without thinking, I put in the trolley gap!

This trolley was bought from Ikea and, initially, set up to accompany the sewing machine.  It has gradually been dumped upon and so now looks a mess.  However one hour later it emerged ready for service. I just need to put a cutlery drawer in so that things don't become jumbled.

Talking about service - my pegboard is filling up.  I can't help thinking that:-
    a) I have an embroidery hoop fetish, and
b) I am a thwarted shop keeper!

This afternoon was more of the same - hall discovery.  I even managed to relocate the unused felting machine into the craft room Sewingbuddy!  Oh - and I have put the noticeboard up that mum gave me instead of an Easter egg! tomorrow I will take the hall runner up and give the floor a good wash.

I also got rid of a large set of drawers from upstairs via the freely given facebook site.  I need to empty the room ready to be decorated (it's the last room -honest!) by the beginning of August so spent half an hour going through a couple of drawers and throwing / boxing / identifying raffle prizes etc.  Whilst there I came across an essay that I wrote in the sixth form in 1977 (yikes!)  You can tell how marking has changed in nearly 40 years - there was one spelling change and one tick!  Formative feedback ?  Yeah right!!  Strangely enough I managed to achieve without it though - hmmmm.

In the drawers were 6 small fabric bags - 4 of which were a useful colour (my family will understand that one!)

Tonight I am being cultured - not Shakespeare but Gilbert and Sullivan instead.  A small group of WI members are going to see The Yeoman of the Guard at our local theatre who are hosting an operatic group from London.  I have seen some of their previous performances - it should be good.


  1. You are gradually getting there, well done!!!
    Hope you enjoy Gilbert and Sullivan tonight. xxxxx

  2. Whoa, what a busy day!! Its amazing how much we manage to hoard away isn't it!

  3. Exciting!
    Peg board looks great, and I spied the plastic boxes, on the shelves, and I hope you have saved room for the scan and cut next to the felting machine?

  4. I did some sewing today. I have 5 grandchildren I had made a small suitcase for the oldest. I liked it so well I am making a cowboy themed one for the only boy 4 years old so he can carry his toys ....trucks and cars and trains. He is a superhero fan was Spider-Man now batman but I could only find upholstery type fabric locally that had a clear young boy in the cowboy theme. We went to a rodeo 2 weeks ago so hopefully he will be happy to have a cowboy carry case

    1. Sounds fantastic - and really creative!