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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Spalding quilt show

Today was the much awaited Spalding Quilt Show - an annual trip to spend our pennies research the latest developments in the world of quilting.  This time we had a newbie in our midst - Julie (a friend of Wendy's) and it was really interesting to see the event through her eyes.  From the moment that Wendy dropped Julie and I off for the coffee run, to the manner in which we went around the stalls, carefully ticking items off our shopping list - this was clearly a well planned and efficient outing!

As a newbie, I think that Julie was rather overwhelmed by the whole process but, as we said, this was good training for The Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham in the summer.  To compare one wuith another would be like comparing a corner shop to a Tesco's superstore!  Julie ahs now been warned!

So - what did I buy?  Why - only things on my shopping list of course (plus, ahem, just one or two must have items!)  Sewingbuddy had been the day before and gave me instructions as to which stalls sold "must haves"!   

Tonight I need to sew the finishing buttons on the Anni Downs quilt and then finish tracing some redwork patterns ready for my holiday in a week's time.  It's been a great day out - but now I'm ready for a rest - I honestly don't know how Wendy drove back with us all yawning away!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day.
    And got your must haves- but don't blame me
    You don't need any encouragement to send, and do have a mind of your own.
    See you in the morning!

  2. Sounds like a fun girly day :)