Friday, 13 April 2018

A bit of this, a bit of that .......

I guess that today could be summed up by the phrase "busy doing nothing".  After waking up to yet another misty, dull day (I REALLY hope that the promised sunshine arrives next week!) I decided to hop in the car and pop into Grimsby.  My main objective was ric-rac for the advent calendar (they only had the small sort - I have now ordered the larger version from ebay) but I also popped into Asda for "essentials" such as the special battery for my luggage weighing scales, a book / magazine to take with me etc! 

Whilst I was in Grimsby, I also popped into The Range - why not?  Since I am in "Kitchen sort out" mood, I put a couple of organisational "bits" in the basket.  Once home I then sorted another couple of cupboards (look away now Sewingbuddy!) and put the two different shelves into practice - they actually make the cupboards look half organised!  I now have just two more cupboards to get through before the end of the week!

By now, the new Gail Pan stitcheries had arrived via email so, naturally, I spent some time tracing them and assembling my holiday craft bag.  It doesn't sit well with me to wait a couple of weeks before sewing them - but, there again, I do have that darned waistcoat to finish knitting so I am not going to be doing nothing in the evening.

The final task of the day was to hunt down some mini spools that I will need for the advent calendar.  You know - one of those things that you bought over a year ago for another project but never used!!!  Now of course - you have no idea where they are - other than somewhere in the craft room - until you remember that you had a moment of organisation and put them in a box marked "spools"!!


By the way - do you remember my day working as a template designer?  Well, Sewingbuddy sent me a picture of the completed block - looks good doesn't it?  She just has to put a centre on and applique - getting rid of the "ears" at the top.


  1. OMG!
    You need me round to sort you out.
    But you done a good job, just need to keep it like it.
    Wish I had some of those spools tucked away in my craft room.

    1. Now I just need to find that pack of felt that I bought to make the Mandy Shaw wreaths and can use to make the "ornaments" !