Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Battling with the hosepipe!

Well, the sunshine has arrived and it's glorious!  So I decided to go ahead with power washing the "patio" so that I can move the table and chairs outside.  It didn't start so well - connection issues etc - combined with two different hosepipes to choose from - one of which is ancient and has kinks - but has a better connection.  Eventually - the problem was solved and off I went - I do love the difference it makes!  I will need to get rid of the debris and then give it (and the covered walls) a once over - but we are nearly there for this area of the garden.

Covered in muck, I stripped off and filled the washing machine - before sewing another couple of toiletry bags - I want to have made 7 (strange number I know - but! ) and currently have 5 so I am getting there!  Heck I even braved using a double headed zip - I have always avoided trying this in case there is a gap in-between because I have put the heads on wrong.

By now it was time for an early lunch ( Bacon and asparagus pesto pasta since you ask) before setting off for the inaugural "Knit and natter" group (wearing my nice new M & S top may I just say!).  There was a good turn out and we certainly had a good natter -meeting new friends is always good.  Heck - I almost finished the back of my waistcoat and even got to sample the new Pin Gin cocktail  - the owner was in and the barmaid gave us one between us to sample.  I can't go for another few weeks, but - wait for this Jo - a group of us are going to try knitting a sock!!  I say one - just in case it goes horribly wrong!!

With the car thermometer saying 27 degrees(yikes!)  I went home and even did some weeding!  Let's make the most of these lovely sunny days - my phone gives us tomorrow and Friday (with the temperature starting to drop on Friday ) before the rain returns!  So - tomorrow will hopefully see the patio finished, the table moved outside and the lawn mowed.  Who knows - maybe some more weeding!

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