Friday, 27 April 2018

A right royal knees up!

So - let's start with the WI event last night.  We had nearly 60 ladies enjoying a presentation (and tasting) from a local Gin making firm.  As I said yesterday, I taught the owner Maths for five years and, whilst the hugs and kisses were nice (I won't deny) it was really heartening to hear that he had gone on to do A Level maths, trained as an engineer and even been designing roller coasters - until he came home and declared that he wanted to give it all up and make Gin and grow Christmas trees.  What started as a business making one litre a time in his kitchen has grown, in just over a year, to planning permission to build a distillery in Louth.  His partner is clearly very patient - she was expecting their daughter when  he declared this so couldn't even taste the product she was selling.

Everyone was served three large glasses of gin and tonic - to different recipes.  As I was driving, and don't drink much - guess which glass was Jean's and which one was mine?

This morning started well - the weather wasn't bad and I was out in the garden at 8:30am - rescuing a pot!  I am a somewhat accidental gardener nad noticed this weed filled pot of daffodils with some sweet peas struggling to come through.  So I spent time clearing and trimming to give the sweet peas a chance.  Once they grow a little longer I will tie them all up.

After a WI meeting (where I swapped roles and am now responsible for the competitions so don't have work to do before each meeting - phew)  it was home to continue with the tracing and lining of the embroideries I started with yesterday - along with rather a long afternoon nap!  Well, it's book club tonight and we won't get home until late!  Tomorrow I am off to watch Hairspray so there may not be a post - just warning you!

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