Sunday, 22 April 2018

Finished - at last!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready for church this morning, I decided to try a different pair of shoes - one with a kitten heel.  You see, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitus some years ago and have worn flat shoes for nearly five years - but a long dress for the cruise really demands some form of heel rather than lace up flats - so I thought that I ought to "practise".  I have no idea how I used to walk in them and stand in them all day teaching - my ankle ended up feeling strained!  Long story short, I have found a more comfortable pair from my shoe stash(!!) which pinches my big toe a little but are much easier to walk in!!

Once home from church, and with the dogs walked in the lovely sunshine, I then set to painting the front fence.  You may recall that I painted it last year - but had about 10 "pickets" to do that never got done.  I have had such stick about the unfinished fence that its nice to get the job done at last - even if it did take an hour and a half to do! Now I just have the inside of the fence (the bit that I can see) and my large side fence - and the front garden will be complete!!!!!!

As a "treat" I then sat down to do the Christmas tree for the advent calendar - which took about 2 1/2 hours - why is nothing ever quick and simple?  Now that the 4 parts are complete, they need to be bound, a trunk appliqued, a secret pocket installed and red ric rac added to the tree - before finally attaching the tree - all by the end of this month if I don't want Sewingbuddy on my back!  During any normal week, that wouldn't be a problem but this week is my "preholiday " week. Monday is the usual Textile Group followed by Slimming World, Tuesday I am off to see The Greatest Showman again at the cinema, Wednesday is my monthly sewing class, Thursday the car is being valeted followed by a PinGin event in the evening, Friday is a WI meeting followed by Book Club and Saturday I am going to see "Hairspray" in Hull.  Phew - I really will need a holiday then!!

The final task of the day was some weeding - this weather is definitely getting chillier but it's still dry so I wanted to make the most of it -before starting to get ready for the Textile Group tomorrow - and thus another week starts!


  1. Well done on the fence! "GP's Behind Closed Doors" last week (an old episode though) was talking about that foot issue ( very common I understand) and the Dr said just to put some supportive insoles in any shoes that are completely flat as the support will take away the pain whilst supporting the damaged area.....but you may have heard/tried that anyway

  2. You are quite busy but it is "fun" busy, things you have chosen and I hope you get to rest on the cruise vacation