Monday, 9 April 2018

Career change number three!

Well, I've gone from detective to template designer over the weekend.   Today I took another career path - one of IT technician!  This morning I spent a few hours sorting out Dad's new computer - it came set up but then you have to add emails (remembering passwords caused delay), back up their old computer, set up the new printer and test it - and then explain everything to Dad.  As I left to do a quick Tesco shop, I was confident that everything had gone well!

The Tesco shop was so that I had a couple of days at home ahead of me and didn't need to go out.  Of course, it was then followed by Slimming World where, drum roll please, I lost 2 pounds (not too shabby when you consider that I was poorly last week and thought that eating normally would sabotage me) and so need 2 1/2 pounds to reach my 5 stone (5 1/2 overall) award.  Guess that's next week's target then?

Driving home with a smug smile on my face - the phone rang.  "Where are you - could you pop in - Dad can't find things on the computer!!"  Okay - so maybe this morning hadn't quite gone as well as I thought!  However a quick cuppa sorted the problems out and I have left Mum with a duplicate list of instructions so that he can log in and access his favourite documents and sites.  Since they are both involved with their church's holiday club for the rest of the week, I am looking forward to a few peaceful days!

Tonight promises to be calmer - more handsewing but I am nearing completion on a particular present - which always feels good!  I have also received all the information for my "prison block" and have already thought of several ideas.  Now I just need to refine, design and make!!

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