Thursday, 26 April 2018

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Well - apparently the Christmas edition of Pointless is being filmed today so I thought that I would get into the spirit!!

Today I was up and early and at the car wash by 9am - that usually means that you get seen to much quicker - as, indeed, I did today!    Why the need for a car wash and internal valet?  Well, I can't go on holiday with a messy car now can I?  Heck, I even checked the tyre pressures!  Go me!  I also popped into Tesco's where this crochet magazine caught my eye - but only because of the sock blockers! Now - would crochet socks be easier I wonder?

On the way home I detoured via Mum and Dad's and we tried out a new tea room that has opened in their village.  I will admit to having my doubts as it looked bad from the front.  However I hadn't reckoned on it being at the rear of the building and everything was spotless.  I resisted temptation - easier than usual - they didn't have many homemade cakes in yet - and we spent a very enjoyable hour catching up.  I was also impressed that my American came as an expresso with boiling water in a jug so that I could adjust the strength of my coffee.  It was an appreciated gesture.

Back home, and with the dogs walked and a healthy Caesar salad for lunch, it was off out to mow the lawn before settling down to a mountain of tracing which all now needs to be lined before sewing.  Well - you know how I like my hand sewing!

After rustling up a steak casserole for tea - there are some lovely smells coming from the kitchen right now - it was back out into the garden to put soil on my emerging potatoes, plant a cherry tree and to plant up some summer bulbs, before coming back in to fix the afore mentioned linings.

Tonight it's our WI group's meeting where a local Gin company are coming to talk to us and give ou samples.  I can't quite take it seriously - I used to teach the owner!!  However we will find out how my wine bag goes down in the competition.  Just to complete the circle - I am keeping the bag and the bottle for some lucky recipient at Christmas (ssh -now who do I know that would appreciate a fabric gift bag and a bottle of red wine!!)


  1. Free sock blockers!!! Sounds like I need to dash out and by myself a copy!! Pinning them to the spare bed is a tad tedious!

  2. go for it - glad to be of use!!