Sunday, 29 April 2018

They're not all mine - honest!

So, yesterday Wendy, Jean and I went to see "Hairspray" in Hull.  I have seen it twice before - in London and Manchester with Michael Ball playing the starring role.  I have to say that the Hull production didn't let me down - it was fantastic!!  In particular, Brenda Edwards - of X-factor fame and who played the role of Motormouth Maybelle - was simply amazing!!  When she sang "I know where I've been" - it brought tears to your eyes and shivers down your spine!  We had decided to take a pack up with us - and ate it in the car.  My plan had been to make a ham and egg salad - until, that is, I left the eggs boiling for half an hour - totally forgetting about them.  When I rushed through and took the now dry pan off the heat - the eggs exploded all over my jumper - oops!!

Today I had set aside to get down to serious cruise sorting.  First up was the paperwork.  If we don't have the right documents then its not for the sake of trying!  Heck I even phoned the bank to see if I have to notify them that I am going abroad - apparently I don't!  Then it was onto the start of the ironing - my home is beginning to look like a laundry with clothes hanging up everywhere!

Next on the agenda was to finish my clutch bags off by adding a wristlet and tab to hold it.  It was one of those jobs that I have been putting off and yet took minutes to complete and will make my life much easier!

Likewise the kitchen cupboards.  With just one day to go in April, and one cupboard left, I had bought an over the door basket to help with the storage of the baking tins - only to find that there's a shelf in the way which would need moving.  Still - getting everything out meant that I could give it a good sort out!  So, with that sorted and some church paperwork dealt with , it seemed only fitting to have a break -so Wendy, Cathy and I went round to a new friends and perused her book shelves.  YES we have been before and NO we haven't read them all yet - but good friends need to help each other out - now don't we?  This was Cathy's first visit and she was rather blown away by the amount of books - and came away with 4 bags of her own!!

With the pretence of taking some trousers up for the holiday, it was then time for a nap and a catch up of missed tv programmes - by which time, I will confess, the afternoon had flown!  Still - I have achieved all that I set out to do so that's not a bad achievement - now is it?


  1. I can feel the excitement building! We always tell our bank...infact there is a section online where we can notify them what countries we are likely to be using our card in...means it doesn't flag up as unusual activity and possibly block a transaction. Maybe your bank has other ways of tracking unusual activity though.

    1. I looked online first but couldn't see anything. As it was the bank had an automated service but I then checked with a real person! As for the excitement building - well, it just might be!