Thursday, 26 April 2018

It's all finally coming together

You may recall that. once a month, I travel over to Spindle Cottage to sew my sewing box.  This is really a labour of love and, so far, I have made the central tower.  But this sewing box is not just any sewing box - this one has sides that fall down and reveal a multitude of pockets and a thread catcher.  Today we focused on making those sides and getting them quilted.

Unfortunately I genuinely forgot to do one piece of embroidery and so couldn't complete the thread catcher.  Instead I sewed the handles and fixed the one onto the lid of the central tower.

Whilst I was there, my eyes happened upon this lovely dust cover that someone had made for their sewing machine and this lovely cushion.  Apparently there's a kit coming out for a different cover (blue of course) so I will watch out for that!

Back home and, after driving through a heavy thunderstorm, its time to rest and recuperate.  the sewing box has embroidery all of the way around the outside and my fabric was too dark to trace it today.  So I need to trace the design and then finish the embroidery that I forgot to do!

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