Thursday, 12 April 2018

So - what would you do?

Last night I went to see the RSC live screening of Macbeth - and loved it.  I felt that it was a real classy affair and was slightly freaked out by their use of 10 year old girls holding dolls as the witches!!  For a few hours I felt really cultured!! (then came home and read chick lit!!)

This morning I woke up to yet another grey and drizzly day - I've had enough of this now!  We are promised nicer, sunny and warm weather from Monday - but I will believe that when it arrives!  In the meantime I "warmed" myself up by checking in online for our flights to Malta to pick up the cruise.  The check in opened this morning - so why not?  The check in for our flight home (boo!) opens next Thursday so  I will sort that out then.

Of course I promised the girls a long walk so, coat and gloves on, we bundled into the car and went to the beach.  At least they had a good stretch of their legs there although the low lying mist did make it difficult to see them at times!  Me?  I came back feeling red raw!

Now- to my moral dilemma.  You may recall me talking about making some Christmas presents on Tuesday - and being pleased with them.  Well, on looking at them in the cold light of day, there was an error in one part of one of them.  Surely no one would notice , I argued with myself.  But I would, I replied (I'm losing it - talking to myself like this!)  So I spent two hours this afternoon sorting the problem out - and feel much happier about doing it!

I also made the top of the advent calendar.  I could have bought a "block of the month" but have probably got most things in my "stash " so thought that I would try and save some money.  So far, I had the cream and the check fabric and have just bought the spots.  However a "BOM" does give you an incentive to get something finished rather than putting it off.  Hence my challenge for April is to do the background - check - embroider the advent numbers - check (I found this packet of wooden advent buttons in my stash) - and complete the tree - so that's my next task.  Sadly I now need to buy some ric rac - so that's my task for tomorrow!

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