Friday, 20 April 2018

So, who goes shopping with a ruler? Don't be shy - hands up!

This morning started well enough - but I will confess to wanting a distraction.  I had decided to tackle the WI wine bag and follow the you-tube video step by step.  All was going well, until her "normal" bottle of wine must have been smaller than mine - the only bottle that I had in the house was too big for the bag (which has a "hat" on and therefore size is important!

Just as I stopped to ponder my dilemma, Wendy called round with a  lovely bunch of tulips to congratulate me on reaching my first weight loss target - wasn't that lovely of her and Nigel?

Then mum called and I arranged to meet her and Dad at a garden centre for lunch -problem solved, I could stop off at Tesco's and get another bottle of wine - hence the ruler.  Yes I honestly did go up and down the wine aisles measuring bottles!  In the end, the bottle was the smallest that I can find.  I need to sew a button on to finish it off - just hope that they like it!

Back home, and a quick dog walk, it's nearly tea time - just where has the day gone?  I can report, however, that the knitted waistcoat is now sewn up and I am contemplating binding the seams with some lovely bias binding that Wendy got me for Christmas.  Cruisewise, I have now checked in online both ways and have been sent (and printed out) my cruise e-tickets.  I have allocated next Sunday to go through everything and check that it's all in order - but I think that we are good to go. Heck - Mum has even bought me Percy Pig sweets for the journey!!  Just got the ironing and packing to go then!

With the knitting complete - hey, I can go back to handsewing!! Life is good!  Oh, and on a totally different note, Sewingbuddy and I "tendered" for a designing job last night.  A mutual friend put us in touch with an american start up company who wants one of their products re-designed and were looking at a number of different companies to take on the task.  We probably won't be successful but it's all good experience!!


  1. "Job sounds fun!" Hope you have blocked your waistcoat...will make such a difference to how it hangs if you do :)

  2. Ok I confess, I often took a tape measure to check the inside leg on jeans and trousers for the family over the years, oops!
    Well done with the weight loss, lovely flowers from Wendy x