Saturday, 21 April 2018

A sense of achievement.

I am liking this combination of nice sunny days and cooler nights - that way you can actually get a  good night's sleep! Truthfully the temperature today has been much better but I walked the dogs early so that the deed was down before the temperature climbed - I always worry about the tarmac getting too hot for their paws!

My main aim for today was to complete the titchy tiny foundation pieced houses for my Lynette Anderson block 3 of Seaside Town.  However, this wasn't something that I wanted to sit down and complete in one go - it actually took something like three hours in total!  So I interspersed my crafting activities with ironing, gardening. sweeping the patio etc.  In fact I even answered a "cry for help" on Facebook and gave the local playgroup some picket fencing -which creates more space in the shed.

I actually completed the block this afternoon - whilst listening to next month's book club book on Audible - "My Cousin Rachel".  As with the larger version (these houses measure 3" square) I had an issue with the chimney placement - but it's nothing that a well placed button won't cure!  I also need to do a little more embroidery so that the fence rails meet the seam - but it's a relief to see the back of this one.  Blocks two and three have travelled to two different sewing retreats without being attempted.  After looking at block 4, it appears that I have already cut out some parts so, I guess, you could count the block as being started!

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  1. Looking good and if you didn't point out the hiccups I wouldn't have even seen them!