Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What a day!!

Seriously - it's like being back at work.  Waking up to the alarm and then two meetings with barely time for lunch in-between!

The first meeting was a WI group meeting so, as Secretary, I spent some time organising myself before the meeting, took the minutes and then spent some time this afternoon typing up the minutes. 

After a quick turn around, it was then off to Carine's for a WI craft group meeting looking at our WI entry for the Lincolnshire show.  The theme is "all the fun of the fair" and so Wendy brought the base - a piece of wood covered with artificial grass which looks fab.

Carine has just acquired two kittens (well they're 11 months really) and the kittens have been brought up in a flat -much loved but given up when the owner realised that they were desperate to enjoy the outside area but she lived near a main road.  Today was only the second time that Carine had allowed them into her garden and they are still at that tentative stage!  However they are VERY cute!

Back home, and whilst typing up the afore said minutes, I looked up to see this.  I am hoping that it's a Cadet exercise rather than being invaded - but all very strange!

Knitting wise, I must report that I am about 5" away from finishing the back of my waistcoat and so am hopeful about finishing it.  I have just learnt that there is a new "Knit and natter" group starting tomorrow afternoon in the pub so may just pop in!!


  1. Never saw you as a cat lady! Almost as much as a dog but no walking! Keep those needles clicking!