Thursday, 19 April 2018

The annual battle with Mad Millie

So - another scorcher eh?  After feeling rather smug that I had swapped to the summer duvet (and, consequently, am getting a good night's sleep), my first task of the day was to make bag number 6!  Well - I wanted to let the grass dew dry out before getting out and mowing the lawn - which was then swiftly followed by the second power washing of the patio are to get rid of those last few dregs.

With a change of clothes (you do get filthy power washing!), it was then mid morning and time to chill in the summer house. For the first time this year, the doors were thrown back and the rocking chair enjoyed.  I would say that it was a lovely peaceful morning but, just as I sat down, the next door neighbour started with a strimmer!

With a short break to check in online for our return flight (boo - 3 weeks today the holiday is over!), it was back outside for some weeding - I'm a regular "wonder woman" today! - before bringing the powerwasher in and taking the table outside to the clean patio - today's mission accomplished (watch it rain tomorrow!!)

So -what about the blog title and "Mad Millie"?  Well it was time for her booster jabs this afternoon - never my favourite task as she goes mad in the vets.  Every year we get a different vet(now I wonder why?) but this one thought that she looked good for her age, was surprised to see that this mad monster was nearly 12 and, when we weighed her, I was surprised to see that she had only put on 0.7kg in five years since she was weighed last year - not too bad going eh?  However, having survived that, we then came home, picked up Daisy and gave them a nice walk (trying to keep to the shade of course).

Tonight I have the church's AGM, which is a shame since I have just got to sew my waistcoat up and that project is finished!!  I also volunteered to make our WI's entry for a group competition next week - a decorated wine bottle bag! - so that will be my next focus.  Just to add to the list, my ricrac arrived today for my advent calendar Christmas trees - no excuse now then!!

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