Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Be careful - the disease is spreading!

Another fitful night, another morning with a running nose and a trip to the shops to look forward to.  If nothing else I needed some night nurse (other medications are available lol)  but I also wanted a few bits for a sewing workshop that I am going to on Friday - more of that later in the week.

Whilst I was out I just simply had to make a detour to B & Q.  You may recall that I seem to have a fetish for plastic boxes, closely followed by my father who I bought 15 for last week.  Well - the bug has spread and Sewingbuddy has joined the addiction.  She is starting small - and just wanted me to get her 2 boxes - but we all know where this addiction could lead her!  I need to keep an eye on her - either that or set up a group "Plastic Boxes Anonymous"!

This cold is making everything seem like a real uphill task so I cannot say that I have achieved much today.  However when Daisy had gone quiet for far too long I just knew that it was time to investigate - only to find that she now loves raw potatoes  in my lounge!

Otherwise this afternoon has been dozing, followed by a little sewing and hovering up the potato bits!  I have been trying to sew the third block from the Splendid Sampler before number 4 comes out tomorrow!  However when you cut the wrong piece of fabric off your heart you know that it's probably time to stop!

Meanwhile the post it notes have made a re-appearance.  Wendy kindly gave me some posh ones which I am saving for my Christmas panic.  These are from the works and each post it note represents a job to be completed in February - yep - thank goodness its a leap year!


  1. Excuse me- get your facts right, I already have 2 boxes, so 2 more makes 4!
    Get well soon x

  2. Boxes boxes boxes...I really think I am missing out here!

    1. you are - they are just something else!