Friday, 26 February 2016

Filbert Fox and Freddie Pheasant

Today I have been to a lovely workshop at The Bramble Patch - a round journey of nearly six hours but oh so worth it.  We were a gang of 4 - Sewingbuddy, Jean, Pat (who drove - thank goodness!) and myself and we had a start time of 5:45am!!!  You need to also spare some sympathy for the fifth member of our group - Auntie Sue - who acted as Dogsitter and started her duties at 5:40!

The early start was to miss the rush hour traffic- an aim that was achieved and which saw us arriving at Watford Gap services for a cuppa and breakfast around 9am.

The workshop was about transposing some patchwork applique using Teflon sheets - a skill which can now be added to my repertoire.  Sewingbuddy got on well with her Freddie Pheasant whilst I was a little slower - both of them will, eventually, be made into a cushion and mine might, just might, end up as someone's Christmas present!  Ssh!

Meanwhile Daisy sent me a selfie to reassure me that all was well back at home - the place that I have only just returned to!

However it has been an excellent day and one that I can thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in patchwork!  A huge thank you must go to Pat and to Auntie Sue for their sterling efforts!! x


  1. Great day, and of course great company.
    Roll on April x

  2. Sounds like a fab day...and you deserve a lie in tomorrow!