Friday, 12 February 2016

40% completed!

Daisy here, Daisy here - mum says that I can go first today 'cos JD ME doubted Mum and how much fabric she bought yesterday.  So!  I have taken a selfie with the hoard and she really bought very little - just some large pieces for the backs of planned quilts really and some "notions" for a workshop that she has coming up.  I would have liked her to buy more 'cos then I can drag it around the house (he he) but I think that she was too scared that the shop owner, Phil, would keep me - we became VERY attached!  I think that he could be my first Valentine (oooh swoon).  It's just a shame that he's married - I do have some morals you know!  Anyway over and out - I'm off to annoy Millie again!

Even Daisy is trying lettuce!
So - now that that problem has been sorted out it's back to business.  Last night was weigh in and I fully expected to gain weight -- so I left my jumper on - only to find that I had stayed the same weight!!  So the tactic this week is to follow a plan produced by slimming world.  Any one can sign up for a free menu plan but this is one that members can access (it might be the same - I just don't know).  Anyway I have mixed up the days to suit my commitments this week and today started with a full English breakfast, smoked salmon pate on toast plus salad for lunch and then I will have a turkey stir fry with noodles for tea.  Of course I can add as much fruit and veg that I want and can go up to my 15 syns limit.  Let's just say so far so good! (well - with all of that I'm hardly starving am I?)

Other than the usual housework, plus a load of ironing (when did I become someone who irons the duvet cover?) and taking the dogs for a walk in this lovely sunny weather, I set to completing block 2 of my Anni Downs quilt.  As I have said before we have until the end of the year to finish this one but I am really loving the needleturn applique and am becoming quite addicted to it - almost resenting it when I have to break off and focus on another project.

Anyway the deed is done and attached to block 1 - just three blocks left - oh and the border, backing, quilting, binding ...............


  1. Not talking to you today- that's not playing fair!

  2. Thank you Daisy - those selfie sticks are getting longer and longer.!!!! The quilt is looking lovely.xxxxxxx

  3. What a clever Daisy, so young and yet so articulate :)
    Well done on the weigh in!