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Thursday, 25 February 2016

To praraphrase Meatloaf - "six out of seventeen aint bad!"

Although I slept well (thanks to night Nurse) I woke up feeling really sluggish and so a lot of my "jobs" have been sit down ones.  First up was the third block from The Splendid Sampler.  yesterday I started but cut the wrong piece of fabric off - usually a good sign that I should stop.  so today I redid that piece and completed the whole square. 

Next up was the church accounts.  Now is the time of year that I get them ready to be audited so everything needs a final check.  With four accounts to check I have finished with three of them so feel quite pleased with myself.

Next up was the pile of ironing that has accumulated - cue a pile of tv recordings to help pass the time.

Finally I sorted and checked my box of goodies for tomorrow's workshop.  It's an all day sewing workshop (don't worry someone is looking after the dogs) at one of my favourite sewing shops ( crack open the credit card then!).

So I would say that I really haven't achieved much - but then I checked the post it notes and could  six of them to the completed door (hence the blog title)- so that's a result!


  1. Block looks good , hope your cold has improved and you get another good nights sleep, as we have an early start tomorrow.
    Just has well your being chauffeured you will be able to relax.
    My bag has been packed and unpacked several times now, bet I still forgot something?

    1. It's a real treat to be a passenger! As to my bag - what has been forgotten can always be bought! I understand there's 45 mins for lunch / buying spree!