Sunday, 14 February 2016

A quiet but fun filled day

May I start with an apology - today's blog is going to be rather short!

I have spent all day at Scamblesby - our monthly get together of friends - working on the Anni Downs quilt.  I don't think that people really appreciate quite how long it takes to copy and cut out all of the templates - but the final effect is worth it.

Of course I took Daisy - but this will be her last time. She behaved herself (well, one little slip) but she is now beginning to be old enough to leave for longer periods and has come home with enough energy to really torment Millie!

However the real reason for the brevity of this post is that Happymum and her family are due to arrive in the next half an hour so I had better set to getting things ready.  Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow x


  1. Yes Daisy was the perfect guest, I am sure she can come one more time, she's still only a baby.
    Have a good evening with happy mum.

  2. We have arrived! Daisy is smaller and cuter than we expected! Lovely to see all the beautiful quilting for real.

  3. Hope you have a good time with happymum and co. I expect Daisy will enjoy the fuss!!!!!!xxxx