Monday, 1 February 2016

Darn it - I think I may just break my pledge!

Today started well and I was able to get the January block completed from the UK Quilting Bee - okay, okay I know that it's February but better late than never!  It involved cutting up 64  2" squares and the design is dictated by this month's "Queen" - fortunately the requested colour scheme fitted the contents of my moda scrap bag perfectly!

Then it was off to the Monday afternoon craft group - today was a break in sewing and we tackled a knitted duck for The Little Yellow Duck Project.  The idea is to complete the duck, attach a label and then leave the duck in a place for someone else to pick up - photos of locations to come!  The duck then raises awareness of how donors can literally change lives.

Whilst knitting (and talking) discussions turned to The Sewing Centre at Scarborough - and a plan was formed to drive up to Scarborough next Thursday.  Now I know that I should not buy any fabric but !!!!!  Am I really going to drive that far without buying anything?  I ask you!!!  My only saving grace is that Sewingbuddy gave in first!!

Tonight I will attempt to complete the hand sewing of the Tuesday night stars - it would be really nice to turn up tomorrow night with that part completed - I can only hope!

Daisy watch - today we started on training Daisy to sit on command.  Let's just say that she managed it 6 times out of 6 - but it's not necessarily an automatic command!  She does have to jump around and get distracted before she complies.  Baby steps!