Sunday, 28 February 2016

I'm going number blind!

Having slept very deeply last night, I awoke in time for my crafting TV fix.  Truthfully I didn't really understand today's programme and the disjointed instructions left me rather confused - which was sad because he was trying to explain how to use EPP to create a stargazer lily - a nice alternative to quilts / cushions.  Still it gave me the opportunity to finish my block 4 - the embroidery really adds some texture to the block I feel.  Mind you Block 5 was released this afternoon - no peace for the wicked so they say!

After Church I sat down to tackle the accounts - the AGM is in April and, of course, the accounts have to be audited.  There was no problem balancing the books - the problem comes when transposing the figures into the various forms that the PCC would like.  By the time you have collected every different transaction into the different categories by month - and then transposed to the next spread sheet it should all balance again - so why doesn't it?  Of course there will be a simple explanation - I will have copied something over twice!  I just wish it would work out first time for a change!  Why do we want a breakdown by month you ask?  Well we have a meeting tomorrow and some members want to discuss spending some serious money on the church hall (the building which hosts the fund raising events) but we have some outstanding bills from a new heating system that we bought last year and have to pay the Church of England a serious amount of money every year for the services of a vicar etc.  In other words I am trying to get an accurate forecast of where money could come from this year to help with tomorrow's decision making.  However it is leaving me befuddled!  there's nothing for it - walk away and return tomorrow with fresh eyes!

I did take a break mid afternoon to enjoy the lovely blue skies we have on the East Coast - and the dogs enjoyed their walk - in fact they have been curled up together ever since we returned!  Tonight my crafting plan is to look at completing a 12 day's of Christmas banner for the WI.  At our first craft meeting we shared out the 12 pieces to complete the redwork and they now need sewing into a banner.  However I have just noticed that number 11 hasn't been given in - grrrr  Since the banner has to be ready for Thursday night I guess that this is my homework then!  It's a good job that I like redwork.


I wrote the above intending to walk away from the accounts but, as ever, just couldn't leave things alone.  The good news is that I have solved the problem and everything is balanced and ready (well nearly ready) for tomorrow's meeting.  The bad news is that after spending all afternoon looking at the computer screen I then went and trimmed my block to 6" instead of 6 1/2 inches tall!  The curse of being tired!  I am now leaving well alone and will, some time in the future, add a border!


  1. Yes the embroidery on the block, does bring it to life!
    Can imagine your frustration at cutting it to small.
    But I think will look nice with a small red border.
    Make it a happy accident.

  2. I love your block Lynda. The embroidery does add another dimension. Glad to hear you solved the accounts problem but very sorry to hear that you trimmed the block too small. Hope you have a lovely week! Christine x

  3. Having spent 15years of my life reconciling accounts I can sympathise!!
    As for being befuddled with the quilting instructions...that's how I always feel!