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Monday, 22 February 2016

Who's the boss?

This morning I woke up with a streaming cold and am rapidly using up every tissue in the house - much to the amusement of both dogs who pounce on any fallen tissue and shred it!  With this afternoon being the craft group, I spent this morning sewing and cutting out pieces for my Tuesday night blocks.  We had homework to finish the red blocks and then cut out and sew three blue blocks and three green blocks.  Well, as you do, I have left the homework until the last minute and managed, this morning, to finish my red squares.  I also cut the blue squares out and will sew them tonight - leaving me with just the green ones to do tomorrow!  Mind you we don't know what colour comes next so it might be prudent not to sew the green squares so that I have something to do tomorrow - erm!!

Spending all morning in the craft room - which is south facing so nice and warm today - the dogs came in and lay down.  Millie has been very reluctant to use her new bed so it was lovely to see her trying it out.

Minutes later I saw this swap going on ......

..............before they both settled on a compromise!!

Numbers were down at the craft group today - a mixture of car repairs, bereavements and child care issues - but we soldiered on with our mini tote bags.  My needle broke just as I was top stitching mine and I had left the spares at home - another UFO then - but I am pleased with the overall effect!

With the days drawing out, it was lovely to take the dogs on a sunny walk - this time I braved both being on a lead and walked them up the path at the beach before letting them off.  I really want Daisy to learn how to come back so lots of treats were used!  Trust me - she is now getting used to the idea of treats!


  1. Sorry to hear your full of cold today. Loving your red squares and tote bag, the fabrics gorgeous. Feeling better today, amazing the difference one tablet can make. I think I will be joining you tomorrow evening for sewing 😀

    1. Brilliant - I will pick you up at the normal time. My insider info tells me that the next colours could be navy again and orange but I may take a green block to sew. I've nearly finished the blue ones now!

  2. Another cold :( Loving the tote bag..and also the bed hopping!

  3. Love the tote bag!
    Whose pattern us it!
    Hope your colds cleared up by Friday ?

    1. The tote bag is min - its 7 inches square. the pattern is from the Splendid Sampler