Wednesday, 17 February 2016

One out, one in - you've gotta love charity bags!

Late last night I received a lovely text message - my dyson has been dispatched and should be delivered today.  In fact I have just received this text message re delivery - I would be amazed at how accurate they can be if I didn't know that some deliveries at work had to wait until the scheduled time.  I kid you not - some delivery men have stood there at the front desk until the allotted time - this electronic signing also records the time of course!  Mind you, I am not sure how this trade in will work.  I have wrapped the old hoover up and will await instructions.

So - onto today.  the day has been spent largely in the craft room - still sewing, sorting and decluttering (this will be a loooong job!).  Whilst I was sat unpicking a block that just wouldn't work I heard Daisy scream - Millie had decided to "share " Daisy's bed!  Later on I noticed that Daisy had moved to sleep in the rubbish bin and Millie was trying to fit herself in the pup's bed!  I have never had dogs who would keep me company in the craft room so this feels like a treat.  The new craft room definitely has to have room for two dog beds!  Shh - maybe I will get Millie a new one tomorrow!

Having filled the charity bag, and stored in the car until its put out tomorrow morning, I checked the post box - only to find that a second one had been put in there ready for collection on Friday - ooh goodie - more clutter to go.  Meanwhile I am already bagging up craft magazines and items to take to my sewing class on Saturday with the hope that someone will find them useful.

As the morning has gone on, and despite the arrival of the aforementioned hoover ( they didn't' take the old hoover away ), I must admit to feeling distinctly under par.  It's only a cold and sore throat - but I just felt soooo tired  - so treated myself to an afternoon on the sofa.  Mind you once I built the new dyson I couldn't resist a hoover around - it is so much more powerful than the last one!


  1. Can relate to the precise timing of deliveries!! I had two items delivered today and because the driver is allocated 3mins per delivery we had to have a chat until the second item was able to be scanned!!!!!! Systems are systems I suppose. Pleased to read Millie is establishing her authority. Xxxxx

  2. LOL at Millie! Sounds like a good plan to have a special place for them in the craft room :)
    I just love charity bags! Age UK are the best for me as they will take anything, whereas 99% of the others only want clothes.
    Have fun with the new vacuum!

  3. Ah you are so busy perhaps you need to schedule a "lazy" day so you can rest with your leg up . I am a bit selfish here if you become too ill to post I don't get to read your posts .... so for me and all your readers do take care of your self