Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mum - its far too cold!

Mum and Dad left before 9am this morning for their travel home.  Its about 7 hours travel time so you need to gird your loins and enjoy the travel - stopping off where possible.  That left me with a whole day of free time ahead of me - woop woop.  So - what did I do?  Well I hovered around and got the house back to normal - naturally!  I also completed the three purple blocks from last night's quilting class.  In two hours we only managed to cut the pieces out for each block and it took as long today to sew them together.  I am not saying that they are perfect - they are certainly not - but they look okay.  Next week we have to make the same three blocks in red fabric so I need to sort some out.

Next on the agenda was Daisy's first proper walk - up at the beach.  At 6 degrees it was certainly cold - and she definitely was not about to start climbing the stairs - but seeing Millie ahead certainly motivated Daisy to walk.  We didn't go as far as normal but Daisy has pretty much slept for most of the time that we have been back at home ( four hours at the moment and she is still asleep!).

Once home, and after lunch, I treated myself to some hand sewing and tidying up of the four star blocks - there are lots of loose ends to sort out.  Would you believe it - I found that I missed one section of machine quilting (grrrr) so will have to go back over that.  I REALLY hate putting the walking foot on and off!  But I now have the dowelling to hang the quilt from (although it needs to be cut down to size) so I am motivated to get on with this project and actually finish it!

The final job, before drawing the curtains for the evening, was to continue with the big tidy up of the craft room.  I figure that if I do half an hour each day then it will start to come together.  Today's job was to finish sorting out all of the craft books and sort out a shelf to put them onto.  Along the way I came across a tin of beads for jewellery etc - could be useful since we are making jewellery tomorrow at the WI.  I also cannot believe how much ribbon that I have amassed (note to self - everyone's Christmas present this year should be wrapped in ribbon!)

By the way I heard a cautionary tale today.  A friend popped into the doctors and got talking to a lady.  The lady explained that for years her husband and her had dreamed of travelling when their children had grown up.  The three children have now all left home and the couple have moved here to the country for some peace before setting sail on their travels.  Two weeks after they moved in he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer!  The moral - make the most of what you've got, you never know what's around the corner!

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  1. Poor little Daisy, she looks freezing!
    What a sad tale...hopefully they will have many happy memories to look back on raising their children.