Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Another first for Daisy - a visit to the grooming parlour!

My goodness I don't know what's going on with Daisy today but she has been turbo powered.  From the moment that I got up to lunchtime, she has simply not stopped.  In the main she is hassling Millie who is beginning to have had enough.  In fact when I went upstairs to get the room ready for Happymum's visit at the weekend, Millie came upstairs with me and just curled up asleep - knowing that the whining and wailing puppy couldn't get up! (don't worry Happymum the room has been hovered and aired!)  Daisy's main play activity today seems to be diving into the rubbish bag in the craft room and pulling everything out.  In fact at one point I couldn't find her and she had crawled into the actual bag!  You wouldn't believe that this floor was completely clear yesterday afternoon!

Whilst all of this was going on I was tidying and cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor - as well as sorting upstairs.  I also had a scheduled visit to the doctors to change the dressing on my leg which, I am told, is healing well.

After lunch it was then time to take Daisy to the grooming parlour - an experience that I have never had before!  She travels really well in the car - curling up and falling asleep - but she, of course was totally unaware of what was ahead of her!

I am pleased to say that she got on well with Gina and did not play up when she was washed, brushed, dried and chopped.  Her main grooming doesn't start until 6 months but at least that hair is out of her eyes, her nails are clipped as is the hair between the pads - in fact she was looking so gorgeous that we popped round to see Auntie Wendy and Uncle Nigel to show her off!

Tonight is the weekly sewing class and I am steeling myself to take the finished star quilt.  I saw this today on facebook and it kinds of says how I feel!!


  1. Daisy looks really cute all cleaned up and I love that 20/20 rule! Christine x

  2. Ahhh how cute she looks with her new hair cut!
    Don't worry about doggie hairs etc, its their home after all :)

  3. Your puppie is so sweet she can not be messing up the trash just too cute.
    Your quilt is great .... I think you are just too hard on your own work.
    We are having lovely sun shinely days here tee shirt and sandals weather but we still need rain
    SanFrancisco Bay Area of California USA