Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Kleenex Balm anyone? (other brands / products are available!)


Well the streaming cold has got worse and I have spent much of the day feeling truly awful.  However life goes on, as they say, and I really should count my blessings.  This morning, for example, I popped around for coffee to a friend who has lost her brother suddenly in a car accident.  For obvious reasons I won't go into details but the sudden passing of any relative is difficult to bear. I took a card and enclosed this little gift which, I think, says more than I could ever say.

Today started early with an 8:30am appointment to see the nurse re my leg.  She has decided to leave the dressing off and has asked me to pop back in a week's time to check its progress - hurrah - no more covering the wound in cling film before I have a shower!  An early start to the day then meant that I had time to deal with my homework for the sewing class tonight.  By lunchtime I had finished sewing the blue blocks and had cut out the green blocks for tonight.


Meanwhile Millie and Daisy took up their usual positions!

Having not slept well last night, I had my usual afternoon doze before starting again on the craft room.  My decluttering regime has progressed to the cutting table and the myriad of boxes underneath the table - all of which need sorting and rehoming (keep, throw or charity!)

Tonight is the afore mentioned sewing class - and, I suspect, and early night!


  1. Oh dear...colds! But the bliss of being able to do as much as you feel.
    Such a shame about your friend, what a sweet gift :)
    What cuties they are snuggling up together!

  2. How sad, unexpected deaths is always such a shock. I think Millie has come into her own.xxxx

    1. I'm not convinced - Daisy was eating Millie's tea tonight!

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend's brother and I hope that you start feeling better soon! Christine x