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Monday, 8 February 2016

"The story of my day"

After a fitful dream of seasickness and high waves (don't ask), I managed to wake up early enough to feel, by 9am, that I had achieved something.  The washing was now in the dryer, another load being washed, the dishwasher was loaded and turned on and everywhere had been hovered.  I even opened the window I the lounge to sallow some fresh air blow through (well - it was cold so I did shut the door!)  So I then set to sewing the binding together and attaching it to the quilt - ready to be hand sewn tonight.

You may recall the famous breakfast soup experiment?  Well I decided to heat that up for brunch - let's just say that it tasted how it looks and now I understand where my dream came from!  I managed a sip and left the rest!  Ah well Heston had to start somewhere!

Next on the agenda was the usual Monday afternoon craft club.  I took Daisy as they keep asking about here and the plan was to finish knitting the little yellow duck - started last week.  We are intending take our ducks up to Scarborough on Thursday and set them free!  It's no wonder that I haven't finished one yet - with Daisy on my case (you turn your back on her at your own peril!)!  When Happymum comes on Sunday night I suggest that she keeps her wool well and truly hidden!

When I got home I had a nice treat waiting for me. The book that I had treated myself to - "The story of my day" by Anni Downs - had arrived (yes Sewingbuddy I will bring it on Thursday). Let's just say that I want to do every project!  Trust me - you can't always say that about each book!  Mind you as I was looking through the book the dogs were suspiciously quiet.  When I investigated Millie was trying to look innocent whilst Daisy had half a potato filling her mouth! I think that I know who is to blame for that one!

So I have an evening of hand sewing ahead of me, another box being decluttered and taking refuge from the wind and rain outside - I hope that you are all safe and warm - take care x


  1. Oh my, the look of that soup was enough to make anyone seasick! Maybe if it was tasted blind it might be better!
    Have noted the wool comment :)

  2. Oh the joys of a puppy!!!!.. Sea sickness dreams and soup go together!!!!!!!!xxxxx

  3. You read my mind
    See you Thursday!