Thursday, 11 February 2016

Didnt we have a lovely time, the day we went to Scarborough

Today was the big road trip - the craft group outing to Scarborough and the delights of The Sewing Centre - fabric from floor to ceiling and all the more daunting for the choice!  I was also a chance to see how Daisy would fare on a longer car journey ( I'm thinking possible car sickness here!) - we had obtained special permission for her to go into the shop (she was "stolen" for lots of kisses and cuddles whilst I looked at fabric!) and had found a pub, which allowed dogs into the restaurant, for lunch.

Well - Daisy fared well - we stopped once at a truck stop for a comfort break for her and she did get quite anxious around 5 minutes from our destination - releasing her bladder in the car park ( at least we know that she will tell us if she needs a break).  Likewise she told us, most vociferously on the way home, that she needed several breaks!  Her behaviour in between was most impeccable and she was invited to return to the fabric shop ( please note I did not spend much money and stuck to my shopping list!)

The lunch venue was a happy find with a beautiful view out over the fairly brisky sea - it was a pub with a relaxed atmosphere and a warm welcome for dogs - so Daisy curled up in my sewing bag under the table and generally watched the world go by.  She even made friends with a little girl who wanted to stroke her (under close supervision of course).  Jean and I "released our little yellow ducks at the pub - my two were left on our table whilst Jean's was left in the corner of the window.

All in all it was a lovely day with good company -  a day which ended with the traditional drive across the Humber Bridge, windows down and singing "Oh what a night" by the Four Seasons! 

Now I just have to face Slimming World - after the Bacon and Brie Panini with chips for lunch I don't hold out much hope!


  1. Well done Daisy, next time you write a blog please tell us how much fabric was really bought.xxxxx

  2. Oh yes!
    Didn't we have a lovely day we went to Scarborough !
    Great day , great weather , and great company!
    And by the way JD ME I can vouch for Lynda she was dry restrained and kept to her shopping list.