Thursday, 18 February 2016

When does an eye for a bargain become an addiction?

Today heralded a weekly shop - this time I went to Morrisons as it had an offer on Hula Hoop Pufts - don't ask! They are low in calories and taste really nice.  They are also £1.75 in Tesco but £1 in Morrisons currently.  After filling up with petrol I then made my way to B& Q which is where my dilemma in the blog title comes from.  You see Dad now wants the same plastic boxes as I have but can't find any near him.  Mum phoned me yesterday to tell me of his plight but remarked that they had seen some on Amazon for the right price.  Since I have Amazon prime - could I please order him some to be delivered free today.  No problem says I - how many?  erm - 10 please was the reply.  Gulp - well I couldn't exactly say anything now could I so I went online to order - only to find that there was a limit on ordering of 5 boxes.  This was now beginning to feel like rationing - was there a global shortage of these boxes?  Was I the cause?

Thinking laterally I ordered 5 and told Mum that I would pop into B & Q today to get the other 5.  Would you believe it - the email pinged and another offer from B & Q came through - is my phone being tapped? - £10 off a £50 spend.  At £6 per box Dad's 5 would take me to £30 anyway - well, I reasoned, if I got another 5 for myself then I would hit the £50 mark and we could use the voucher - they will always come in handy.

Standing in front of the boxes - a plentiful supply I might add - I decided to ring Mum just to check that she didn't want any more - given the national shortage of course!  Put on the spot she decided to go for another 5 making it 10 for Dad in my trolley.  I then made the ultimate sacrifice and only put 4 in for me.  I now had £84 pounds worth of boxes.  At the check out I handed over my phone with my e-voucher and £10 was taken off the bill - but so was another £14.  Like last week the computer still has the offer 2 for £10 programmed into it (I had secretly hoped that it might which is why I went for an even number).  Long story short each box turned out to be £4.30 rather than £6 - It's a steal!

All of this is a long way around explaining why my car is full of plastic boxes and looks like this!  I really need to stop buying these boxes and let the rest of the world get a look in!


The rest of the day has been rather trouble free - thankfully!  I have even cleared away in front of the cupboards in the craft room - and have just thrown away a decomposing carrier bag!  I guess that if it's decomposing then it sure isn't going to be used again in a hurry!


  1. Dad is very pleased with the boxes you got for him this morning. He will now work the logistics of getting them into our car when we next come up!!!! The boxes from Amazon arrived this afternoon and joy of joys the plastic boxes were packed inside cardboard ones and the whole lot were inside - guess what!!!! Yes another cardboard box. We are now living in Box City!!!!!! Xxxxxx

  2. Oh dear, I thought you were mad - but now my suspicion is confirmed!
    And your parents , obviously the box fetish runs in the family! X

  3. P.s
    I wanted some more of them boxes, hope there's some left on the shelf?

  4. Why do I have this sudden urge to dash to B&Q and buy some storage boxes??? I feel I am missing out on something...especially if there is to be a national shortage!