Saturday, 13 February 2016

Well - a day that didn't quite turn out as planned!

Happymum and her family are coming up for an overnight stay tomorrow so I thought that I would spend the day getting ready.  First up was the conservatory which just needed some dusting and hovering - plus a little rearranging.  whilst I was there I thought that I would cut the pine pole down ready to hang the four stars quilt later.  I should have know then that this day would degenerate fast!  I couldn't find the saw that I knew I had and knew exactly where it was - except it wasn't there!  I looked high and low - and then drove into Louth to buy another one!  Pole cut, dust hovered up - onto the next room.

The rest of the house was hovered and dusted and, by lunchtime, "Sawgate" was forgotten about.  Time to sit down with my favourite designer (Janet Clare) on Create and Craft and attach a hanging sleeve.  Machining completed I moved from the sewing room to the lounge - only to trip over and falling (I suspect on the quilt bottom) and breaking the edge of the dyson in the process!  Today was well and truly doomed!

The good news is that the hoover is still working, the hanging sleeve has been hand sewn and the quilt is now hanging on the wall.  I suspect that I might ache from my "adventures" tomorrow but at least I'm still smiling!

The rest of the evening will be getting ready for the sewing day at Scamblesby tomorrow - I've made my infamous Weetabix cake and have even made some slimming world sausage rolls.

Indeed food today has gone well - a breakfast of fresh fruit salad and yoghurt, lunch the same as yesterday and dinner will be a roast dinner - with enough for dinner tomorrow night.  My guests are having pizza, chips and a salad - not exactly sw friendly!

But be careful - this quilting lark is not good for your health!!


  1. Oh dear hope your o.k tomorrow?
    Sounds like your taking this slimming seriously
    Slimming world sausage rolls!
    Over scamblesby ones, all I can say is you have more will power than me.
    Quilt looks nice on the wall.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. You have got to stop falling!!!!!!!!! The quilt looks lovely, well worth all the effort. Well done.xxxxxx

  3. We have appreciated all the hard work....just sorry for the pain you had to go through!! Dinner was great :)