Monday, 29 February 2016

The curse of the Splendid Sampler

Having slept well last night, only to awake thinking of devious calculations that needed to be done to address the block disaster of yesterday, I made a bee line for the craft room and added a red border to my block.  I even then embroidered onto  the border to make it look like it was meant to be.  I stood back and admired it!  Then I moved onto block 5 - only to unpick when one piece was cut half an inch too big!  Nevertheless I ironed all five and took a photo for the blog - only then realising that my new red border was now too big and the block would need cutting down again - grrrrr!

Otherwise today has been one of tidying up the shreds of cardboard that Daisy leaves in her wake, hovering and rearranging rugs - that Daisy persists in moving for me - and generally sorting out Daisy's chaos!  As I put onto Facebook last night, Daisy has now learnt how to jump onto the sofa so things can only go one way!

This afternoon was the craft group followed by a lengthy PCC meeting - finishing just before 6pm hence the lateness of this post.  We only meet 4 / 5 times a year so meetings tend to be long in order to cover all the decisions that need to be made - thank goodness I had those figures to hand!  Unusually for me I even proposed to spend some serious money - I must be going soft in my old age!


  1. Oh dear that sampler really is being bothersome isn't it!! How sweet of Daisy to rearrange things for you!

  2. Your blocks are looking lovely Lynda despite the problems you have been having! Daisy still looks the cutest little thing! Christine x

    1. Thank you - I am loving The Splendid Sampler and the huge variety of blocks that are being created! Oh - and yes - Daisy is still quite cute xx