Sunday, 7 February 2016

"Done is better than perfect"

You may have guessed from the "poem" yesterday that I was a tad frustrated!  You work for months on a project, measuring, cutting and sewing perfectly - and then it just doesn't want to go together! grrrr!  However I am going with the motto "Done is better than perfect" - in other words it would be easy to assign this wretched quilt to the piles of UFO's (unfinished objects") but what would that achieve?  At the end of the day it is a quilt which will keep people warm.  Yes it's not perfect but it fulfils it's objective in life and, as my brother would say, it is therefore "fit for purpose".  As you may have guessed - today has not gone any better!  I can't even sew the two halves together without mis-matching the cross line!  More use for the seam ripper I guess!

Let's go back to last night - Blood Brothers was great.  I had seen it before but Wendy and Pauline had not and they really enjoyed it.  Being too tight to buy a programme I didn't know who the lead was but I have just found out that it was Lyn Paul from the New Seekers - she was fantastic - as was the lad who played Micky.  I can really recommend it if you haven't seen the show yet.

So - this morning I treated myself to a cooked breakfast and an experiment.  I cooked double the quantity and then turned one half into a soup for tomorrow's breakfast - just to see if it was possible to have a cooked breakfast soup - will let you know how it tastes tomorrow!  After the endless tidying up after Daisy, I then set to with the quilt.  As I have said the two pieces did not go together well and so had to be unpicked.  However, eventually, I got to a point that I could live with and so started the binding and hand sewing process - which is still not complete!

The weather was a lot better today - we even had some sunshine - so we did set off for the beach - Daisy is getting better every time I put the lead on and its lovely to watch this little thing gambling along on her little legs!  Today she managed the whole way round, waddled in some large puddles and then travelled back in the boot with Millie without a fuss - we are definitely making progress!

I also managed to book a couple of days out for our holiday in August ( I know, I know - but you have to get in early for these things!)  The first was to reserve a table for an afternoon tea at The pump rooms in Bath and the second was tickets to enter Highclere Castle.  Trisha is an avid Dionton Abbey fan and has been desperate to visit Highclere, but the last time that we were in the area the castle was closed.  This time there's also an Egyptian Exhibition to commemorate the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb so that should keep Julia happy - she's an avid Museum visitor!  Now I just need to see what else is in the area that we could go to on the Thursday and that's our holiday sorted!  (I love the research and planning stage!)

The afternoon finished with some more decluttering - I am now tackling the boxes underneath the cutting table - wow the dog hairs have gathered there!  I have also arranged to take a short break at the end of April / beginning of May - and another in June (you've gotta love retirement) so there are lots of opportunities coming up to get the workmen in, sort the problems out and then hire the decorator!


  1. Not sure about cooked breakfast soup...especially if it has egg in it!
    Chawton House is 30-40mins from Highclere house....its the only house Jane Eyre lived and wrote in that is opened as a museum, its in a pretty village if
    my memory serves me right, its many years since I went.

    Have you been to Stonehenge? That's not too far away

  2. Thanks for the heads up - I fancy a Jane Austen trip out!

  3. The breakfast soup - sounds disgusting - is it allowed on the diet?????

  4. Breakfast soup. Ugggghhh!!!!!! The quilt looks lovely despite the problems.xxxxxxx