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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Another day, another storage box

Today was c-day- yes it's the day that we remember Cancer and the strides that have been made to eradicate this awful disease, but it was also the fitting of my crown day.  Not quite as extreme, of course, but very costly!  So, before I went out, I spent some time in the craft room sorting and throwing.  I now have a bag completely chocker of books and magazines to take to Scamblesby, a week on Sunday, and a bag to take to Jean for her granddaughter who likes to play schools.  Along the way I came across three conference folders - for which I am glad to say that I no longer have a need for.  So I posted them on the freely given site for this area only to be contacted by a good friend and neighbour who thought that her husband could make good use of them - you just never know!

The dentist visit went well and so did the visit to Aldi for a "big" shop.  Before I came home I nipped into B &Q for some more Really Useful storage boxes.  this time I went for two 35L ones (ie larger than before) to put my cushion pads and wadding in.  The lids will keep the dust off both of these which will be useful.  whilst I was "playing house" the dogs were playing with a new toy that I bought Daisy on Tuesday - a soft toy with long rope legs so that Daisy can get hold of one and pull with all her might - whilst Millie just lies there!

After lunch I caught up with a recording of the Great Interior Challenge - I can recommend this to anyone interested in home d├ęcor and crafts.  Truthfully though I possibly spent more time watching Daisy torment Millie!  I drew the line, however, when Millie had shredded the new toy and Daisy was busy chewing the stuffing - not sure that would do her any good!

Then it was off to deliver the folders to my neighbour (cue fussing over Daisy) and to take the dogs to the beach.  Daisy was a little more confident today although she still doesn't like the roughness of the gravel on her feet.  Mind you - once she came home she went straight to bed and hasn't stirred yet!  Tonight it's slimming world followed by WI.  I hope that you've noticed - no crafting today - something must be seriously wrong with me!


  1. Dogs look happy and seem to be getting on fine.
    I went to Aldis today too, will bump into you one day!
    Went to Tilly's tea room, very nice.
    Good luck tonight, although expect you will need a miracle after the outings this week .

    1. Glad that you liked the tea room - but I thought you were waiting for me!

  2. What no crafting!! Something MUST be wrong!

    1. I know, I know - don't worry - I will make up for it tomorrow!

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