Saturday, 27 February 2016

Life lessons

When I first started this blog it was with the intention of chronicling my first year of retirement.  Of course, secretly, I imagined a life full of excitement and adventures - and I have certainly had more than my fair share of fun.  But along the way there are days where you just need to stand back and reflect on how life is treating you and, more importantly, think about others.  It is the realisation that you are not always the most important person in your universe!

This is a round about way of explaining why I may not have achieved much today - but I have made time to support some wonderful friends. This morning, for example, I popped round to a friends house for a cuppa and a chat.  Her husband is in hospital and it can be tough juggling everyone's demands on you when all you want to be is by his bedside.  I had bought her a present yesterday and, periodically, she stroked the gift - I thought that she'd like it!  In her husband's absence I was also able to offer an opinion on a new dress that she had bought (it's gorgeous by the way!)

Later I was able to make contact with another friend who has only just returned to work after a long absence.  We haven't touched base for far too long so we've arranged to try a new tea room in the area (after she has met Daisy of course!).

Talking about Daisy she recognised the rescue dog that growled at her before - Daisy spotted her on our walk from across the car park and growled / started barking.  The rescue dog knew when to keep silent!  On our walk I have started to let Daisy off the lead - when it's safe - and she followed Millie down the small hill.  When Millie ran back up the hill, Daisy scared herself and sat down expecting to be carried back up the hill.  For the while there was a tussle of wills before she gave in and came back - phew!

Otherwise there has been some housework completed and the applique started for the 4th block from The Splendid Sampler.  Once ironed on, I can blanket stitch the shapes tonight.  I must confess to sleeping well last night, only to still feel tired today.  What a shame that the dogs don't agree!


  1. Time spent supporting friends is always time well spent, not everyone remembers that though and get taken up with their own activities, lives well done on taking time out for those close to you...they wont forget it and you never know when you may need their support one day.

  2. Nice to know you may have cheered some one up today,
    Your friend must have loved her gorgeous present, she would have been mad not to?
    Better than having a dog can stroke it all night, and it don't need walking or feeding.
    Like you sampler blog, well done.

  3. Sorry that should read , like your stapler block.

  4. Sorry selective text .....sampler

  5. Well done. Supporting people is the best thing you can do.xxxx love the sampler!!

  6. Support from such good friends is very special and very much appreciated xx

    1. its always a two way street - I've lent on friends often enough!!