Friday, 5 February 2016

Crafting frustration

Let's start as usual with last night.  First there was a minor miracle on the scales - I lost three pounds - yes that's right, three pounds after all of those trips out for lunch, coffee and cake etc!  Ah well - maybe it will catch up with me this week.  Then I popped up to the WI where the main "speakers" were two ladies from a local bead shop.  The WI had purchased a range of beads and fixings so that we had enough for everyone to make a piece of jewellery to take home.  I made this duck egg blue bracelet and was given second prize for its design - another craft to get into????  I don't know whether this was a stupid move or not but I volunteered to go on the committee - apparently they meet once a month to discuss events, the programme etc.  I've made it clear that I don't want to hold a post but I can talk for England!

So - onto this morning.  It started with trauma - a trip to the vets.  Not for any kind of emergency you understand - just to check Daisy's ears and to give Millie her booster injection - but Millie goes mad anywhere near the vets - so much so that she completely tangled herself around the leg with her lead and the journey home must have been very uncomfortable.  Both of them fell asleep within 15 minutes of arriving home - no doubt worn out by all the stress!  (By the way Daisy's ears were fine but a little dirty - so now I have to give her some cleaning drops every day - just in case you were worried.)  On the way home I bought another two boxes - the wool was spilling out of its box and I wanted to clamp the lid down on it.  Whilst sorting out the wool and another craft box I came across some crafting treasures that I had forgotten about - some Christmas crochet bunting and a set of Christmas mug rugs - both incomplete.  Now, since they both contain red, if I could just get them finished ..............

I really want to focus on completing the much mentioned star quilt this weekend and am therefore trying to clear the cutting table so that I can trim up the large squares.  My frustration (hence the table) was that every time I think I'm getting there I turn around and some clutter appears.  Since there's only me in the house it's a real mystery!  However I managed to clear the table just in time to trim the squares and then cut the sashing to size.  Since the blocks were large "quilt as you go" blocks, I am hoping that the finishing will not take long (famous last words!).  Mind you - Daisy didn't help - every time I went into the hall there was some form of craft essentials being chewed - zips, wool, fabric etc!  Hence the mess in the hall!

This afternoon I treated myself to some hand sewing time before getting started on today's decluttering time/  I am now getting to the point that when I sort a box out, I usually have a box to put the fabric etc away in - everywhere is beginning to have a place to live!  Again I noticed that Daisy was quiet and went to investigate - oh crumbs - another toy gone!  Mind you Millie was looking a tad sheepish!  We also had an unexpected phone call from Jo - an elderly lady in the village - who wanted to offer me some puppy training pads that she had been given for her daughters puppy ( her daughter had just bought two huge boxes of them).  Daisy and I went round to get them - cue more fussing - Daisy has perfected the adorable pet behaviour!

So I think that I've just about made up for the lack of crafting yesterday.  Today will see some more decluttering and some more hand sewing in front of the tv.  I can only hope that Daisy has tired herself out!


  1. Taking on another commitment...go you!
    Just how many boxes have you got?

    1. errr - quite few - you will have to wait and see! (just remember that the room is work in progress!!)

  2. Glad daisies ears are o.k, and she's keeping you on your toes!
    I expect b and q will invite you to the Xmas party this year,the amount of boxes you bought!