Saturday, 6 February 2016

The joy of patchwork!

The day starts well
You gather the quilted stars together
You machine a piece of fabric to be the sashing
and unpick again!
You start again and sew the seam
You bring a second star up close and match the sashing
You machine the fabric with a second seam
and unpick again!
You iron the sashing
You bring the second star up close again
You pin the fabric - matching seams
and unpick again!
You have a cuppa
Take a break
gather your thoughts and start again
and unpick again!
You try with the third and fourth block
Matching seams carefully as you go
You confidently use the sewing machine
and unpick again!
You decide to go with it
And attach sashing to all the blocks
Deciding to live with your mistakes
and NEVER unpick again!
Tonight you give yourself the evening off
And go to Grimsby Auditorium to watch Blood Brothers
Mindful of the sorry quilt that has been left behind waiting to be bound but
Ready to be unpicked again!


  1. Oh dear!! What a frustrating day! Perhaps you are losing you touch! Or maybe the pattern is wrong! Anyway enjoy Blood Brothers. Xx

  2. Oh dear- you thought I was the fussy one, looks like your as bad!
    Enjoy your evening.x

  3. Your ode of a patchworker did make me smile
    It seems you'll be unpicking for rather a while
    But tomorrow is another day, so they say
    And we know you'll be patchworking again come what may!