Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Grrr - It's okay Mum, I'll defend you!

Today marks the passing of an age.  Mum and Dad, plus my Cousin, went to the funeral of my Nana's best friend.  As such "Auntie" Ivy played a large part in Mum's life and has continued to do so in my cousin's life as she has visited her regularly in the care home.  Even though we were not related she continued to send me a Christmas card every year until she just couldn't anymore and represents the last of her generation as far as our family are concerned.  So "Auntie" Ivy - may you Rest In Peace x

Onto today - truthfully the day has been rather unremarkable.  I didn't wake up until 8am which, as you know, is quite unusual for me.  I spent the first couple of hours just mooching around and doing a little sewing before heading out to Tesco's.  My cousin had blogged several weeks ago about a national shortage of Ginger nut biscuits (something to do with the floods that have been experienced over the last few months I do believe).  Since she is coming for an overnight stay on Sunday I thought that I would try and track the biscuits down - not quite believing her.  Well - all I can say is that there are gaps on many a supermarket shelf!  Who knew ?  It hasn't exactly made the national news now has it?

Whilst out shopping I checked my emails and found one from B & Q offering me £5 off a spend of £25 or more.  Hmmmmm - plastic boxes?  Well - it was worth a small detour.  You couldn't use the voucher with promotional items so I bought 3 9L (boxes £6 each) and a set of multi-coloured small boxes for those tiny notions (£7).  So the total was £25 and should therefore be £20 right?  Nope - the 9L boxes still had the offer 2 for £10 in the computer so I only paid £18 for all those boxes - woop woop!

When I got home I took the dogs straight out.  The sun was out and there was hardly anyone around - so I let Daisy off the lead for a few minutes.  I had forgotten my treats so it was a bit of a risk but Millie helped - If Daisy didn't come back then Millie did and Daisy followed her.  On the way back to the car, however, I met up with a friend and her husband - only to find Daisy growling at the lady but jumping up for a fuss to her husband!  Cute at this age but something I need to stop!  It's not as if she doesn't meet loads of people!!!!

Tonight will be sofa based - trying to finish my little yellow duck, and maybe knitting a second if possible, for their release at Scarborough tomorrow.

PS - as I am writing this blog, Daisy has been quietly destroying and chewing my DMC threads for the Anni Downs quilt.  I guess that I should be grateful she hasn't got into the hand dyed silks but !!!!!


  1. I think you are going to have to be a little more careful of where you keep things!!! When you have children everything has to be raised to a higher level. Hash Tag - Just saying!!!!xxx

  2. Thank you for going on a ginger nut hunt! Despite the fruitless search we appreciate your efforts!
    Looking forward to seeing all these boxes in situ!