Sunday, 28 August 2016

Paper festival day 2 .....

.... and life is getting back to normal! (albeit slowly)


Let's go back to last night where the leftovers from the day before was "suzzed " up with the addition of some out of date, soft crackers.  Having googled what to do with them, I decided to blend them into breadcrumbs and then mix with some grated cheese before sprinkling onto the chicken and ham "stew".  What a good call - the crackers went crisp again and added a nice topping!

Having made two cherry cakes last night (and forgot to take them with me!), this morning I had time to do some ironing, fill up the recycling bin with waste paper and then make a start with a couple of splendid sampler blocks.  Just some bondaweb drawing and then ironing onto suitable fabrics - but it's a start that things are returning to normal.  I even had time to start thinking about my Christmas challenge for Scamblesby - be very afraid Sewingbuddy!  Meanwhile the dogs were haring around the place - as you can see!

At church I managed to sneak a few pictures of Summer, as promised yesterday, but my day was filled with selling raffle tickets, talking, selling, talking etc - all finishing with a Songs of Praise service at the end of the afternoon.  As yesterday, we were blessed with a steady string of visitors and, from the comments, can count the event as a success!

Tonight?  Well, since its 7:30pm as I write this, there isn't much of the evening left - but I am intending to watch the two new BBC sitcoms at 9pm.  I say "new" since they are remakes - and I wasn't terribly fond of "Are you Being Served?", but I am intrigued by what they do with "Porridge".  To their credit they have used the same writers but without Ronnie Barker?  I await a verdict.

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  1. Church looks wonderful, glad it went well.
    And you got me quaking in my boots now regarding the Scamblesby challenge!