Thursday, 4 August 2016

Get it whilst you can ........


Today is my birthday and I have been truly blessed.  I woke up to an embarrassment of cards and presents - such as this beautiful brooch from Wendy (plus a candle, candle holder and book),

a lovely sewing bag from my cousin Jo,

and some gorgeous fabric from Sewingbuddy.

I even had a facebook Happy Birthday message from Gail Pan - one of my favourite designers.

But the fun continued - on the way to the hairdressers (thank you Jean for the lift) Jean gave me this lovely heart, notebook and coffee mug.  (doesn't the notebook remind you of someone?).

After the hairdressers, Jean and I then met up with Terry for a light lunch before going shopping at the garden centre.  Just as well!  You may recall that I survived the MRI scan last week by dreaming of my new summerhouse and planning where to put the new rocking chair - the chair that was in the sale - but there was only one left!!!  Mum doesn't always know best - she had suggested that I leave the chair until towards the end of the sale in case there was more money knocked off.  I had been wary of there being no chairs left - so I was right!!  Anyway - the chair is being delivered in a fortnight or so!


Being my birthday - there were a few self bought presents - such as this Scan and Cut machine that I had had my eye on and bought when it was too good a deal to leave.

I also treated myself to this lovely wooden duck that is just too tactile for its own good!

All that is now left to do is to find new homes for the "toys" - and then get ready for tonight's WI BBQ.  It's raining at the moment but let's hope that it clears away.  How kind of them to organise a BBQ for my birthday party!!


  1. ahhh...well and truly spoilt...that's the idea :) xx

  2. Happy birthday I need that shirt in the male version as my son is also a wonderful August birthday person
    All my best to you on this happy anniversary of your birth and for each day of your life