Wednesday, 17 August 2016

It's a very golden day at Team LD headquarters!

After my visit to the hospital yesterday, I dutifully tried to use my reading glasses with the eye patch yesterday to sew - and didn't resort to a magnifying lamp.  Three hours later !!!!! I was still sewing with no after effects - what a result!!  I wasn't surprised, therefore, when I woke up to perfect eyesight - no double vision and, for the first time in nearly 7 weeks, no need to put a patch on one eye before I got up and faced the world.!


Not quite daring to hope that this might be a full recovery, and having to wait until early afternoon for today's appointment with the consultant, I busied myself making a coffee table from the rolled up newspapers that mum did for me whilst on holiday.  The handbag on the coffee table is made from folded sweet wrappers!

I also completed the flower paper ball,

and took some paper with me to the hospital to crumple and breakdown the fibres so that it was more fabric like.  This will then be turned into a cushion - either tonight or tomorrow.  So, at 1:30pm, I pitched up to the ophthalmology clinic - did a reading test on each eye - and then waited, and waited and waited - for an hour and a half!!  The wait was made easier by news from Wendy - I had only gone and won a fabric giveaway from Anni Downs - another favourite Australian designer!  Apparently I need to send her my address and then I will get a pack of her new range!!

The consultant did a few more tests, put eye drops in my eye, looked into my eyes and then declared that I probably always had eyes which didn't quite line up but that my brain had made the adjustment so that it could cope.  Something, that we may never know what or why, happened that night to send it out of balance - stress etc.  He seemed to agree that about now was right, in terms of timing, for the eye sight to return to normal.  So I pushed my luck - can I drive?  His reply was "Why not - there's nothing wrong with your eye, I don't need to see you again - so yes of course"  !!!!!!!!!!!  Trust me I floated out of that room after telling the poor man that I loved him of course!

Jean dropped me off and I drove the short distance round to Wendy's - both to share in the good news and to have a short run out before I drive back to the hospital tomorrow morning for my last appointment of the week.  As I have said before, this episode (which I am now daring to hope is over), has served to show me what wonderful friends I have - Jean and Wendy have been my rocks - but Terry has always been there, as has Sue and Carine.  So, if you have given me a lift over the past couple of months thank you, thank you, thank you - you know where I am if you need a return favour x


    What excellent news! Never heard of anything like it before and it sounded such a painful ordeal I hope its not hereditary! Well done on the paper work...looking good...and a big shout out to all your wonderful friends :) x

    1. The doctor gave me the impression that there's no rhyme or reason - but it is a horrible experience!

  2. Absolutely de!ighted for you. Life can really
    Start to get back to Norma!!!!! A very big thank you to all your friends for their support. Xxxxx

  3. What a relief, so glad your back to normal, and someone must be looking down on you and feeling sorry, that's why you won the anni Down's giveaway, what a prize!
    Lucky you well done , you deserve it, after what you've been through!
    Can't wait to see the prize will def have to make that quilt now,?

    1. We certainly will - I had another look at the pattern yesterday and it's lush!