Monday, 29 August 2016

Paper Festival Day 3 - and we are already planning for next year!

After a fairly sleepless night, I was up early and pretending to be Nigella Lawson.  Well - some form of domestic goddess at least - with three cakes made, cooked and wrapped before I left home at 10:30am!!  I also found time to iron on the applique for two splendid sampler squares.  This one is based on a Baltimore style block

whereas this one represents, to me, the "she" cave that I dreamt of whilst in the MRI scan.  I just need to source a fabric rocking chair to sit outside now!

I also found time to book three hotel rooms for my brothers wedding - in August 2017!!  How is that for advanced booking!!

Of course today was another full day at church - the last one of the festival and, in truth, the quietest one.  However it was also one that didn't quite go the way that I expected it to.  One good friend of the church had had a sleepless night as well and came with bags of fund raising ideas -  offering to do a sponsored slim for the church.  There is a limited period - 1st September - 30th November -  and, before I could think of a better reply, I found myself offering to do it as well.  By lunchtime, sponsor forms had been printed and 6 people are now taking part.  Well - I was thinking of going back to Slimming World anyway so I'd better do that now then!  So, if anyone wants to sponsor me per pound or for a set amount please let me know!

Elsewhere in this mad world that I seem to inhabit, we made great plans for next year - the theme is "Fabric Memories" and we were busy measuring church to see where poles can be set across to hang quilts etc and thinking of objects that can be included - Mum I'm emptying your house!  Why do we do this to ourselves?

Tonight?  Tonight I collapse into a stupor - that's all I am capable of now! 


  1. Well done I'm sure it is all appreciated. I'll sponsor you, what is the going rate? I'm fine with you emptying our house! Just wondering what's going.!!!! Xxxx

    1. well - the poppy cushion for a start! I need it for our soldier chapel. We are looking for something fabric based that brings back a memory - it can be big / small, grand or humble. As for the going rate there isn't one really - 50p per pound?

  2. Bet your glad it's all over!
    Can get on with your sewing now.
    So I take it - no Scamblesby sausage roll for you on Sunday?
    What a shame, oh well more for me.

    1. hmmm - I didn't think this one through really now did I?