Saturday, 27 August 2016

Paper festival - day 1

Apologies - this is just a short blog - filled out with pictures!  I left home at 9:30 to man a stall at a local quilt show, then went onto a textile show, before heading back to the paper festival and then coming home.  It is now nearly 6pm and I have two cherry cakes to make for tomorrow, tea to make and then collapse - before doing it all again tomorrow.  Oh - and its raining here with thunder and lightening for good measure!  So, instead , I thought that you might like to see some pictures of how the festival has gone.

Starting with my Easter display (sorry that the picture is so dark)

we then move around to my paper lounge - oops would it be immodest of me to mention that someone wants to buy my sweet wrapper handbag?

before heading towards the main part of the show - the paper nativity

and Christmas tree filled with my hands!

The piano has a folded book on top which spells out the word LOVE.

Then it's on to Autumn with the wedding feast

before heading back to the miniature harvest scene.

There was also a Summer setting but I am saving that until tomorrow!

We were amazed as to how many people came today - its always nice to stay busy and chat!!  Let's hope that we can say the same tomorrow.


  1. Well done to everyone. Absolutely fantastic.xxxx

  2. Lovely show, loved the nativity scene, some very clever artistic people about.

  3. It all looks absolutely wonderful, well done everyone!