Monday, 1 August 2016

Starting the ball rolling.

Today Mum, Dad and I met up with my brother Graham, his wife, Janet, and their youngest, Laurence.  why I didn't take a photo I just don't know - but we had another lovely lunch out (don't worry - my parents go home tomorrow so this life of luxury will soon end) at Petit Delight in Cleethropes.  I had pork - three ways - it was a celebration of pork with black pudding and burnt apple puree - with a beautiful salted caramel tart for afters - mmmmm.  we hadn't seen each other since April so it was good to spend a few hours catching up.  They had just returned form London last night ad were going back on Thursday - oh to be young!

On the way home, I introduced Dad to the joys of the car hand wash and interior cleaning services that have sprung up - before heading home to the delights of lawn mowing. Once that was done I spent half an hour sat in the garden trying to sketch out an idea as to how I want the garden to be re-landscaped (I just knew that the tax rebate would come in handy!).  Having got rid of the rottting summer house I do have my eye on another one - at the moment this is my favourite design!

However I do have to have a properly laid patio  -and so it starts!  Never mind - at least, with a quote, you have an idea as to what you can "get a man in" for and what you have to do yourself!

Craftwise - well its now 5:30 and I am expecting my first gardener to pop round about 6pm.  Not much crafting going on then today - apart from preparing mum some applique blocks for her to take home and sew that is!

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  1. Lunch sounds lovely...anything pork is lovely of course!
    Lovely looking summer house! Do you think Grandma might get the quilting bug too??x