Saturday, 6 August 2016

We're all going on a summer holiday

Well - I've made it to my first destination of the week. I dropped the dogs off and left Cleethorpes ( thank you Jean for the lift) at 11:26. It was a lovely sunny day but with a coastal breeze.  The train journey involved changing at Doncaster and Birmingham - each time the temperature climbing up and up.  I am now on the top floor at a Premier Inn in Milton Keynes - a room with a fantastic view and very very warm!  I could go to the pub next door for tea but I took advantage of the m& simply food shop at the train station to pick ups me bits and have a tapas type of meal.

So - what have I been up to for the Past five hours or so?  Well I read last months book club book about Edward and Mrs Simpson - very interesting.

I looked up Facebook when I had 3G on the train and noted that the goody bags were being prepared for my sewng workshop tomorrow.

I took note of the train stopping at Birmingham international - the train station for the NEC where I finish my holiday next week

And generally chilled!  At some point I will brave the two flights of stairs just to stretch my legs, stock up on decaf coffee sachets and milk ( they never put enough in each room ) and get some fresh air - before setting down for the evening and doing some sewing.  # it's a hard life!


  1. Glad you arrived safely, enjoy your sewing with a view tonight. I will look forward to reading about the LA workshop tomorrow and those goodie bags! Say hello to Christine if you meet up with her tomorrow evening xx

  2. Well you got there safe and sound.
    Hope you sleep well And excited for you for tomorrow,

    See if you can smuggle me one if those goody bags, I WANT one!

    Can't wait to read tomorrow's blog, so don't be late!

  3. Enjoy your the sound of your dinner :)