Sunday, 7 August 2016

Stitch the day away - a Lynette Anderson workshop

Health warning - if you don't like sewing then look away now!

An early breakfast and a short taxi ride led me to to Horwood House where Lynette Anderson was holding her first British Stitch the Day away workshop?  After spotting fellow enthusiasts - trust me you can spot them by the mountain of bags etc that we take everywhere- we went into the room, found a spare seat and started to browse the pop up shop -very dangerous!  Even worse was to come - they kindly wrote down what we had bought so that we could add to it and settle up later!  I won't say how much I spent - but it seemed to be one of the small amounts!  I also took the opportunity to buy several items that were on my shopping list for the festival of quilts at the end of the week.

Like good school children we resisted the urge to open our surprise goody bags.  When we were all given permission the bag reveals a kit fofor a lovely bag - plus some freebies- chocolate and raisins for energy, a charm pack, a friendly teabag and a koala bear.

Throughout the day we enjoyed quality tuition - I now know how to use the appliquick tools that I've had for years, for example, and met a host of friendly people.  Our table got on really well and will be meeting up again next year I suspect ( yes they've organised another one for 5th and 6th of August  2017 and Wendy has it on the calendar already, although they are giving priority to 2017).

We were also thoroughly looked after by the hotel - coffee on tap, cakes at 11 & 3 and a cooked meal / salad at lunchtime - just as well really.  Tea tonight consists of two croissants purloined from this mornings breakfast and som cheese from m & s yesterday!  We certainly got value for our money!

Would I go again - you bet.  I brought home this needlecase in the swap after all.  How far did I get in one day?  Well you can see by the embroidered panel in the picture - not far.  But I also basted 40 of the 200 hexagons that I needed.  Most importantly I had a really good time, made new friends and my one eye held up - with the help of my magnifying light!  Heck - someone even went to the lengths of getting her nails decorated in honour of Lynette!  Now who could miss that?

And, just in case you thought that I had forgotten about The Splendid Sampler - Lynette brought along one that uses her fabric but someone else is working on. Let's hope that mine looks as good.


  1. Wow!
    Sounds an amazing day, bet your still on a high!
    And expect you will sleep well tonight.

  2. Lovely everyone and everything you shared with us. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your holiday just as much as this day

  3. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day for you! I guess Lynette is Australian....judging by the koala choccie and soft toy?? Glad the eye didn't hold you back.