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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pass the tissues

So - what does a girl do when she has a church to help empty and a house that really needs a good clean throughout?  Well - its Tuesday so she goes, with Jean, to the Senior Screen!  We haven't been for a while but I wanted to see "Me before You" - a real two tissue weepy but enjoyable nevertheless.  On the way home I stopped off at Jean's to show her the marvels of paying your car tax online rather than traipsing into Louth.

This afternoon, though, was the great unveiling of the sewing room - well, the sewing machine was finally moved onto the new craft desk.  With ITV's "Victoria" on in the background, I sat and sewed some mini charm pack pieces with a view to making some Lavender Ravioli - Sewingbuddy wants some things to sell at her village fair. 

Whilst I was sewing Mr T turned up with this week's groceries (I have planned my slimming world menu and shopped accordingly) but, as he was unpacking, I was visited by a small doggie.  We eventually traced their owner but with no collar on it was a job!  After taking some groceries around to Wendy's (we added some ingredients on so that we can both make the lemon and poppy seed drizzle cake for the Great British Bake Off tomorrow night - fortunately it's on after the weigh in so that's treat night sorted each week.  I also have the WI on Thursday night so can take some spare supplies there out of temptations way), the dogs and I headed up to the beach to stretch our legs.  The weather here is (sadly) glorious - I say sadly since the lawn is screaming out to be mowed so that's this evening's task - ready for the green bin to be emptied on Thursday morning!

Tonight's task (although I really feel like collapsing again) is to continue with the Lynette Anderson embroidery and applique ready to construct the Christmas wall hanging on Sunday at Scamblesby


  1. Is that WilliamMorris I spy on the sewing machine???

  2. We would like sewing room pictures please