Thursday, 25 August 2016

Working towards the final countdown

Last night was a snuggle night - snuggling onto the sofa with my slice of banana bread, a cup of coffee and watching the  Great British Bake Off -all was well with my world.  The cake turned out delicious - I don't normally include the chopped walnuts but they really added something - but I am not so sure about the extra bit - it seemed to make a bid for escape in the oven!!  Mum has decided to join in with the "Bake a cake from the last episode" challenge and has decided to trump everyone by making a mirror glaze cake.  I am keeping things more simple and am planning to make the star baker's Lemon and Poppy seed drizzle cake.  Happymum - what are you planning to make?

So - onto today and an early phone call from someone who is concerned about how much work is still needed in  the church. From experience these festivals always come together at the end so I am fully expecting to leave the church tomorrow happy that everything is sorted.  However I did spend some time this morning completing a piece of "modern art" using toilet rolls and tissue paper to go on top of the piano. 

Then it was round to the church to take some goodies round, move some chairs and hang some more bunting up.

Once home, and the usual housework, it was back onto making the paper coil for a table in my "lounge", a large white flower ball for near the alter and some greenery to add to my "paper flower arrangements".  I am beginning to wonder what I will do when this is all finished (not!)

This afternoon also prooved to be somewhat of a surprise.  Last Friday, at book club, we divided the bill and all paid our share - yet we were £10 short.  We moved furniture etc but couldn't find it - eventually making up the difference between us - but left doubting ourselves and our own actions.  Today the £10 was returned to a member of our club by the publican - the cleaner had found it and gave it in.  It's not so much the money as clearing up what had been a very puzzling experience.

I am not sure how much sewing there will be tonight - I fear that more greenery will be needed!!


  1. Love the loo roll design!
    As for the Bake Off...well I was thinking lemon and poppy seed too...or a packet of Jaffa cakes! But definitely nothing that involves tempering chocolate!

    1. Ps...reckon that cleaner deserves the tenner back for her honesty!